Open your heart…

The human heart is amazing in its ability to experience love, wisdom, compassion and caring.

By living life with a full and open heart it means opening it to all; and accepting the passion, mystery and flow of life. Living with a full and open heart also means accepting each powerful impact when the flow of life hits hard.

What happens when the passion of life brings sadness, sorrow and disappointment beyond the human ability to tolerate? Patterns of reaction, defensive protection, and other survival instincts take over and there is separation from the heavy and broken heart. Unfortunately there is also separation from the deep love, joy, and caring for life. And so life has been.

The divine heart’s higher frequency is beyond the mental fields of dualistic thought. The divine heart’s frequency is beyond the vibration of good or bad, right or wrong, fair or unfair, just or unjust. The divine heart is simply pure divine energy. The divine heart is simply pure divine love, pure divine wisdom, pure divine joy, pure divine grace, pure divine peace, and pure divine essence.

The goal of life is to attain omnipotence and omniscience on the highest cosmic plane, and the meaning of life is actively working towards that goal. All life is potential perfection, and life’s experiences enable that potential to become a reality. The universe only exists so that we can realise our potential. We are all of the same origin and we are all working towards the same goal. We all gradually evolve from ignorance to omniscience, from bondage to freedom, from impotence to omnipotence, and from individuality to unity.

We need to remember that everything in life is an opportunity for our consciousness to develop. We must not squander those opportunities or waste our lives on meaningless activities or get overly caught up in emotionality of life. Life is a long series of present moments that can only be experienced in the “now”. So don’t waste your present moments agonising over past moments or worrying over what you might experience in future moments.


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