Loneliness, Isolation & Fear

Loneliness involves a deep sense of isolation and disconnection from others, and it occurs when persons feel that they have no one with whom to share the joys and hardships of life. Some have stated that their loneliness feels less like sadness and more like an imprisonment that leaves them despondent toward life.

Loneliness is hard to heal. It requires more than just casual social contact – we need to form genuine connections with others on a personal one-to-one basis. It requires an investment in other people and patience until real, sincere relationship develops. Loneliness teaches us the value of a friend, whom we do not take for granted. But first we need to make friends with ourselves, and then we can confidently look outwards and see the best in others.

Remember that almost everyone feels lonely at some time. It is a sign that important needs are not being met. Changing the situation may involve finding and developing a circle of friends, but it may also mean learning to enjoy your times alone; to use them more constructively and pleasurably. The tools and resources recommended here will help you overcome loneliness and isolation.

Loneliness is potentially a more dangerous emotional state which in the worst cases can lead to depression and suicide. Emotional loneliness does not have to be associated with physical loneliness. You can be physically alone but still remain happy. Instead, the emotion of loneliness is often linked with personal insecurities which make you think that you are isolated from others. For example, maybe you feel like a social outcast because you do not have a partner. This is not true because lots of single people are perfectly happy and are certainly not social outcasts. It is just an emotional state.

If you are constantly affected by feelings of rejection and/or have real trouble taking chances in your life, the signs of emotional loneliness and the fear of the unknown are present.

Once you have identified the problem you can begin to take action. Below I have outlined 3 ideas to help you overcome these emotional states:

1) TAKE UP AN ACTIVITY THAT YOU HAVE ALWAYS WANTED TO DO:- Maybe you have always wanted to join the local soccer team but you made excuses not to? Well now is the time to dive in and do that special activity. Not only will this involve taking a chance and help you defeat your fear of the unknown, but it will also place you in a social situation allowing you to bond with others and rise above feelings of isolation.

2) GO TRAVELLING: – If we are being honest, most of us have ambitions to see the world and go travelling. However, the fear of the unknown keeps us trapped in a pretty routine lifestyle so that this is never possible. Now I know for some people going travelling is simply not possible but if you sit down and think “is it really not possible or am I just making excuses?” you may be surprised at the answer. Going travelling represents a huge leap into the unknown. Therefore, it is a great way to overcome your fear of the unknown. Plus, you will meet all kinds of people on your travels and start to feel accepted.

3) FEEL GOOD ABOUT YOURSELF: – This one is probably the most important. If you cannot love yourself is it fair to ask others to love you? If you do not accept yourself as a person then it is no wonder you feel isolated. No matter what your physical condition or your financial circumstances, you need to start thinking about yourself positively. Once you start to think about yourself positively you will develop a new-found sense of confidence. This confidence will help you destroy the feelings of loneliness and allow you to take more risks, helping you overcome your fear of the unknown.


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