Friendship – Our Link to Love

One of the true treasures of life is friendship. There are many types and levels of which we experience as we go through life. Some friends stay with us throughout our life, some are with us for a short but significant time and some float in and out of our lives at different stages. These Souls help to bring the flow of love into our lives. They can inspire, motivate and educate us. They can be our link to love.

With our friends we can do a number of things like: support each other, have fun together, play games, achieve goals, give guidance, listen to each other, talk together, explore things, defend each other, be with each other, love each other.

Sometimes just being near a friend is enough to lift your spirits. Being near them brings a sense of joy and contentment. These feelings are different for each of our friends. No two are exactly the same.

Have you ever met someone for the first time but you felt like you knew them already? Have you experienced ‘love at first sight’ where you fall for a person the first time you see them?

What is going on here? If you look at life as a once of experience, falling for a complete stranger doesn’t make sense. If you consider the possibility of past lives then ‘love at first sight’ begins to make sense. If you knew and loved the person in another lifetime, it is perfectly natural to continue to have the same feelings for the same Soul when you meet them again in this life. This understanding can give us insights and help explain a lot of our relationships.

Some people have great communications with their pets and animals. These animals could be a pet dog or cat. A pet can very quickly become part of a family. It has its own space and personality and its various relationships with each family member. The love between animal and human is similar to that between human and human. Love comes from the same source; it is up to us to let it flow to those Souls around us. Very often the animal is there to teach us how to give love, so that we can open our hearts and let love flow a little more.

One of the things these different friendships bring is the joy of love into our hearts and lives, be they friends, family, pets or plants. Our friends are our link to love. This love links Souls together. These friendships create the flow of love through us and to us. Friendships can be our link to heaven.


4 thoughts on “Friendship – Our Link to Love

  1. Hi Cheryl-Anne
    This is an interesting post. I have suffered a loss of loved ones just about two years ago, I struggle to love. Want to share some light.

    1. Hi Martin
      Sorry about your loss. I can relate, as I too have lost a loved one 6 years ago. You need to heal, allow yourself time, death is something hat we have to manage on a daily basis.

      Keep strong & take care.

      Light & Blessings

  2. Thank you for your encouragement,and of cause sorry about your loss also. Six years later; have you moved on? I’ve tried but…it just feels weird. I get lonely and frustrated. I dnt know what to do. I’m 44yrs that’s still young and (handsome).If you have moved on how did you do this and why?

    Keep it Real (coz u worth it)


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