Living – The Joy

How can we bring the joy of living into our lives? How can we make what is for most of us a tough life, a little more enjoyable?

When the happy times are scarce in our life we have to work at finding some happiness. We need to hold on to the happy moments that do occur. Whether the moment is a nice cup of tea or coffee, a smile from a friend or stranger, a thought of a loved one, a rest from hard work or a moment of laughter, we should hold on to these and make the most of them. We can take sustenance and strength from them as we see there is more to life than the pain and problems we are going through. We see a little light of happiness which brightens our day. We need to magnify that light so it brightens other areas of our life. We can recall the happiness while working our way through our current challenges.

A change of attitude can totally change the way we look at life. Changing our attitude can be like a miracle, it can change a situation completely. For example if we are in a disagreement with someone and we discover a new fact, it can change our mind about the whole situation.

We can also make a decision to look for and see the brighter side of the situation we are in. We can look to the goal of completing the challenge, solving the problem, fixing the situation or getting a task done. With this kind of approach or attitude we gain a more positive outlook on our situation. We begin to see that there will be an end to the problem or at least an improvement in our situation. We can sometimes see a glimmer of love shining through which often helps us get through our challenge and add to our joy of living.

Completing a challenge can bring a lot of satisfaction and add to our joy of living. If can see our issues, situations and problems as challenges and something we can get through, learn from and grow as people, we are putting ourselves on a positive path. We can now see that by getting through our tough times we will learn something and become better people. We will be stronger and able to deal with that problem if it comes up again.

Once we get one problem solved, we feel more able to tackle the next one. If we start with the small ones first and get some confidence in our ability to solve a problem we can then move on to the next one. Our confidence grows and our joy increases a little by little as we approach each challenge.

One of the secrets about love is that to get love we must give it. Love is an energy like electricity, unless it is switched on it stays dormant and unused. When we switch love on by giving love to someone or something, our love light comes on. The love we give brightens us and those around us.

This love is attractive; it attracts people as it is something we all crave deep in our hearts. Love also connects with the love in others hearts. We see a sparkle of love in a person and we begin to glow a little as we connect with or recognise the loving energy. We don’t even have to meet or connect with a person who sparkles with love, we can feel our heart brighten, lighten and glow.

To let love bring the joy of living into our lives, we have to let it flow through us. We have to keep the switch turned on. If we have been through tough times it can often switch our love off. We need to remind ourselves regularly to switch on our love and let it flow. It can be a challenge but with it switched on, our life will brighten and joy will return.


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