Tribute to My Daughter Carmin on her 21st Birthday…

Carmin Isabella, 21 years ago today, you were born. Without you, I would have missed some of the great mysteries of life. You are an exceptional person; you are complete in yourself. May your indomitable talents never be compromised for anyone else; follow your own star. To you, people look – at your beauty, your selfless spirit, your grace, the way you own your own being – awed at your light on earth.Bella

Within you is an ideal, a voice of reason, an example of generosity, and a promise of achievement still to come. Within your hands are special gifts and talents, a creativity you are destined to share with others. Within your mind is the truth of your dreams and the ability to see from a vantage nobody else can? Share your vision.

Within your heart is the ability to carry your dreams and talents to fruition. Inspire and teach others, but never stop learning from the examples before you. You have the desire to meet the world on your own terms and I never doubt that you will. Your acceptance and willingness to see others for who they are is what the world should be shaped upon. I see you with the skills, determination, and balance to be truly successful and happy. You are my greatest source of pride and my greatest hope for the future.
Find your way, live your truth, always see beauty.

I love you, always, Mom ♥♥♥

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