Rising above is to see clearly, from a detached perspective. It is to see past the illusion of everyday life and recognize the soap opera for the self-created script that it is.

Rising above means you understand that the time has come to remove yourself from the illusion. To pull away and move forward…never looking back.

Rising above means not feeling regret, resentment, or anger. These are the very things that keep you tied to the illusion.

Rising above means taking responsibility for your life. Not blaming your current problems on others. If you allowed yourself to stay in the situation, then you allowed yourself to experience the outcome.

When you feel like a victim, you need to recognize that you allowed the situation to manifest. That is strength. That is self-empowerment. That is awareness.

It takes courage and faith to see a situation for what it is, not as you wish it to be. Your physical eyes can deceive and your world is built on that illusion if you allow it.

It takes a strong person to fade away from circumstances, situations and relationships that once held value, but have become a test of endurance and inner strength.

To rise above is to acknowledge and respect yourself and not remain trapped in an endless cycle of unhealthy habits.

Strong individuals recognize situations that are no longer healthy. They understand the value of the lesson and they know how to apply it accordingly.

In the end, you will emerge as a butterfly. Ready to test your wet wings on a new illusion of reality. One that brings you ever so closer to who you truly are.


About Cheryl-Anne

Cheryl-Anne is Learning & Development Specialist, Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Author and Business Owner.She is also a Reiki Master and practises Feng Shui.
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