With Age Comes Wisdom…

Wisdom and Experience are two such things that increments with the lapse of time. There is no short cut to expertise or inculcate wisdom in a moment. Time is the real teacher, that slowly and gradually teaches various good and bad aspects of life.

If we look into the practical life, the notion becomes very clear. Age is a factor that makes you mature in thoughts, feelings, emotions and everything. During the childhood days, we cry for small things, get angry for getting video games and other fun stuff, and soon forget every thing. That is called innocence and wisdom is almost in the womb at that point of time because we are hardly aware of emotions , feelings, mistakes and other pros and cons.

But as we grow, we come to know our responsibility to our education, to our parents and to our nation as well. That’s the time wisdom is born and starts growing inside you. Teenage is the stage that one starts taking education seriously and becomes self-dependent to learn the subjects. That’s what wisdom has done, it makes them capable enough to work on their own. Getting more closer to the world with the running span of time, they get stronger in thoughts, feelings, and starts experiencing life.

It is the time they commit several flaws. These mistakes are the building blocks of wisdom. Every mistake makes you aware of a wrong move and cautions you for the next time not to repeat it. Learning to know from your mistakes and move ahead is called experience. So far, it has been very much evident wisdom and experience shows a latent growth with time, that is revealed by your behaviour and your actions.

It has been rightly said by one of the thinkers:

“When You are 20, You worry what others think of You.
When You are 40, You hardly concern what others think of You
When You are 60, You realise they have not been thinking of You ”

That is very true. Looks the lines from an experienced hand. That is in fact the outcome of experience which one gained in the entire life. Wisdom is an ingredient that adds quality to one’s life, ideas, emotions and actions. I also agree to the fact that Wisdom does not make a man perfect and but in a real sense puts somewhere closer to perfection.

If you have ever devoted an hour or two to sit with your grandparents you would have realised that though they are not that much educated as you are, but their experience in all spheres is par excellence. They are well versed in every work where you are not even you are more educated. That is wisdom and that is experience too. These are things that cannot be taught orally or mugged up as a subject, but these are the gifts of the time which grows and grows with the age.